Stip - July 2022

STIP - NORTH MACEDONIA: 20-21/07/2022

Topic: "The Cooperation and the healtcare institutions"

Stip Meeting :

Snezana Saneva

Municipality of Stip

Nikola Iliev

Advisor for local economic development in Municipality of Stip

Ivan Jordanov

Mayor of Stip Municipality

Dr. Infectologist Diana Shishkova - Gajdarjiska

PHI Clinical Hospital - Stip

Dr. Diana Koceva - Milanova

Responsible person for the regional vaccination point, PHI Health Center " Dr. Panche Karagjozov" - Stip

Aleksandar Vaselinov

student "Goce Delchev" University - Stip, Faculty of Medical Sciences


Conference meeting at Multimedia Center "Kiro Glirorov" Stip - 20/07/2022

Why the SPRING project?: Solidarity and Cooperation as a common value"

Workshop : “Health system during the Covid emergency: what best practices?” Municipality of Stip– City Council Hall – Stip- 20/07/2022